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modular house

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Prefabricated House

Hot Rolling C-steel(Q235B)
Single Deck Colorbond
50mm Sandwich Panel

Structure: C-steel 
Purlin: C-section channel or Z-section channel  or Square Tube
Column bracing and transverse bracing: Angle steel
Roof cladding: EPS Sandwich panel
Wall cladding: EPS Sandwich panel
Wrapping cover: Color steel sheet 
Tie rod: Circular steel tube 
Brace: Round bar 
Knee brace: Angle steel  or Stainless Steel
Rainspout: PVC pipe or Color Coated Sheet
Doors: EPS Sandwich panel
Windows: Aluminium Alloy Push-pull Window or window-shades
Connections: High strength bolts 

Removable,Eco-friendly  High Strength, Energy Saving, Short Contruction Period, High Seismic Coefficient,The Steel Structure has the comnination of strength and beauty.
Low costs and maintenance heat preservation, heat insulation, Waterproof
Lifespan: Up to 10 years 
Stable and earthquake resistance, up to 9 grade 
Fast construction, saves time and labor costs 
Good appearance
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