Steel structure house will be able to reduce the earthquake disaster
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Steel structure house will be able to reduce the earthquake disaster
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Earthquake is inevitable, but in the design of projects if there is some preventive measures, can reduce disaster. Expert introduction, to prevent disaster, usually spacing on the construction request, space is wide, the more the people, the damage caused to avoid building collapsed. Street, on both sides of the road construction, road width corresponding requirements. According to the seismic standards set by the state, the collapse of the housing, to have emergency evacuation channel 4.5 meters, can't block the road, in order to facilitate personnel evacuation. Projects which have appropriate evacuation site, convenient to the nearest evacuation.

In fact, real estate between the super wide clearance space, used to build the green can also take refuge in the earthquake. Green not only has the landscape, Green's functions, can also be a disaster, evacuation function. Japan is a earthquake, when people in buildings, the extremely small, but the people in the outdoor green space, most of them survived.

From the house structure, it is best to buy steel structure house. Steel structure is the steel-manufacturing-based structure, is one of the main types of building structures. Steel is characterized by high strength, light weight, high stiffness, at the same time as the steel material uniformity and good toughness, can have a larger deformation, well under dynamic loading, anti-seismic ability is very good.

Also, the seismic some framework residential. Frame structure, is made up of steel and concrete into bearing beam column, framework, aerated concrete light plate and hollow brick or prefabricated partitions household assembly house. This structure is based on the beams and columns to load, its beam, column and slab are pouring into the. The structure of housing can change with the wishes of customers. Cast-in-situ house earthquake was relatively high, waterproof good. At present, the building of high-rise residential buildings are mainly used in this way.

The frame structure, and a frame shear structure house, also known as frame - shear wall structure, it is the combination of frame structure and shear wall structure of two kinds of system, drawing on their own advantages, which can provide larger space for the architectural layout, but also has good performance in resisting lateral force. The structure of the housing also has a good performance in the seismic performance.

In addition to the earthquake and house building structure, and apartment layout also has a great relationship. Oxygen, Cuoceng penthouse apartment layout and house is living in comfort and appearance of a flat layer of incomparable advantages, but from the seismic ability of speaking, flat layer house best earthquake. (China Industry Research Network)